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                    1.kid, chopsticks, well, the, use, can


                    2.his, for, praised, he, courage, was


                    3.place, is, it, noisy, a, what


                    4.get, can, where, some, you, chalk


                    5.customs, about, here, much, you, do, how, know



                    ??? Different countries have different customs in giving presents. In China you must never give a clock to a Chinese person, because the sound of the word for “clock” is similar to the sound of “death”. Also, don't wrap(……包裹) a present in white, black or blue paper, because they are the colours for funerals(葬礼). Don't give a knife, because something sharp can cut a friendship.

                    In Russia if you give flowers as presents, you have to give an odd number of them (one, three, five, etc.) because even numbers of flowers are for funerals.

                    In Germany if you are invited to dinner, flowers are good presents to take to your dinner hostess (女主人), but don't take her red roses because it means you are in love with her. Don't take thirteen of anything because it's an unlucky number. Don't take an even number of anything, either. Don't wrap your presents in white, brown, or black paper.


                    1.You can take ________ except red roses to your dinner hostess in Germany.

                    2.You shouldn't give a knife as a present, because something sharp can


                    3.What colour paper can't be used to wrap presents in both China and Germany?





                    ??? American people like to say “Thank you” when others help them or say something kind to them. People in many countries do so, too. It is a very good habit.

                    You should say “Thank you” when someone passes you the salt on the table,? when someone walking ahead of you keeps the door open for you,? when someone says you have done your work well, or you have bought a nice thing, or your city is very beautiful. “Thank you” is used not only between friends, but also between parents and children, brothers and sisters.

                    “Excuse me” is another short sentence they use. When you hear someone say so behind you, you know that someone wants to walk past you without touching you. It's not polite to break others when they are talking. If you want to speak to one of them, say “Excuse me” first, and then begin talking. You should also do so when you begin to cough or make any noise before others.

                    Let's learn to say “Thank you” and “Excuse me”.

                    1.You should say “Thank you” when ________ .

                    A.you say something kind to others B.you help others

                    C.someone helps you D.you want others to help you

                    2.From the passage we know “Thank you” is ________.

                    A.used in the world B.used more often than “Excuse me”

                    C.used only by Americans D.used only between friends

                    3.You should say “Excuse me” if you want to ________.

                    A.cough B.make some noise C.go first D.all of the above

                    4.When you are going to ask someone to tell you the way, you should say “________”.

                    A.Thank you B.That's very kind of you C.Excuse me D.I'm sorry

                    5.This passage mainly tells us the way ________.

                    A.to be happy B.to be polite C.to help others D.to learn from Americans


                    ??? Living in a new country gives me many surprises. The first surprise was the way that the U. S. people ______.

                    One day I saw someone was having a public speech in a square. I thought it would be a______ speech. But I soon found it became a kind of entertainment show.

                    The speaker told the listeners to protect the environment with humorous words. Later he said some people's behaviour didn't go with their______. He took the example of Taylor Swift's song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

                    He said that since Swift doesn't want to be with the boy any more, she doesn't need to speak it aloud, she doesn't need to sing______she still keeps in touch with that guy. It sounds like she is a hypocrite(伪君子).

                    Then he sang the song in a______way. The listeners laughed out loudly. I felt a little______ because Swift is my favourite star. I couldn't understand why they______ Swift.

                    As time goes on, I find many U. S. people make fun of others.______they don't mean to hurt them. They do that to show closeness and humour. And people who are laughed at ______ get angry. Now I understand the speaker ______. Now I've got used to the way the U. S. people speak.

                    It's easy to find culture shock when you're in a new place. But everyone should learn to understand different cultures and customs.

                    1.A.talk B.speak C.sing D.teach

                    2.A.lovely B.funny C.serious D.polite

                    3.A.words B.lessons C.listeners D.speakers

                    4.A.although B.when C.if D.unless

                    5.A.serious B.funny C.active D.soft

                    6.A.happy B.satisfied C.angry D.nervous

                    7.A.worried about B.talked about C.laughed at D.cared for

                    8.A.So B.And C.Or D.But

                    9.A.seldom B.always C.easily D.often

                    10.A.at the school B.in the square C.at the concert D.in the park


                    ____________ the teachers is about 300 in our school and it is becoming_____________.

                    A.The number of, more and more

                    B.The number of, bigger and bigger

                    C.A number of, more and more

                    D.A number of, bigger and bigger


                    Susan's notebook is similar ________ yours.

                    A.on B.in C.to D.as


                    —What are you busy ________?

                    —I am busy ________ the plan for the sports meeting.

                    A.in; to make B.with; to make

                    C.in; making D.with; making


                    ________ the sun was shining, it wasn't very warm.

                    A.If B.Since C.Unless D.Though


                    Please write a composition ________ the following pictures.

                    A.thanks to B.because of C.according to D.instead of


                    We shouldn't touch others' ________ things unless we are allowed.

                    A.great B.private C.dirty D.old


                    Jack's father ________ him for carrying a basket for the old man.

                    A.praised B.separated C.beat D.checked


                    Do you know the girl________ is drawing a picture?

                    A.whom B.whose C.which D.who


                    He is a great man,you can't help but________ him.

                    A.respect B.to respect C.respecting D.respected


                    —Could you please pass me a ________? I'd like to drink tomato soup.

                    —Sure, here you are.

                    A.chopstick B.fork C.spoon D.teapot













                    注意:1. 词数80-100;

                    2. 请不要逐句翻译,可适当发挥;

                    3. 文章的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。

                    Many students are short of exercise in their spare time now.


                    All in all, students need to do exercise in their spare time. The more exercise they do, the better they will be.


                    ??? Last summer, I went to a river trek (徒步旅行) with some British friends. The river was not wide, but it was running fast. The rocks in the river were so slippery (滑的) that it was hard for us to walk. We walked carefully, but our shoes and trousers were still wet. I was getting very cold and tired. I wanted to stop, but when I saw other kids moving so fast, I felt sorry. This encouraged me to keep following them, even though I was far behind. It was even more difficult during the last part of the walk. I became so tired that I lost my footing and fell several times. But with the help of my friends, I got to my feet and kept going each time I fell.

                    Finally, we arrived by a waterfall. Everybody jumped into the water from a high rock. When it was my turn, I was afraid and tried to hide around a corner. My friends noticed this and encouraged me, “Come on, Kevin! You can do this!” With my eyes closed, I jumped into the water.

                    Although I’m not as strong as my British friends, I completed our trek. This experience made me realize that perseverance (坚持不懈) was, is, and will always be important to everyone in life.

                    1.Why was it very hard for them to walk on the rocks? (不超过10个词)


                    2.What did Kevin do when it was his turn to jump into the water? (不超过10个词)


                    3.What did Kevin learn from this experience? (不超过15个词)



                    ??? Thanks to the world-famous Colombian writer Garcia Marquez, many people think of Latin America was a land of magic. In Marquez’s books, impossible things happen in this part of the world.

                    Where does the magic in his book come from? It may come from the mixture of different cultures in Latin America. Although some of their differences have caused problems, they have also been a kind of beauty and encouraged people in Latin America to be more open-minded. Most of the people there speak the same language--Spanish.

                    Latin America’s environment is quite diverse. People can enjoy beautiful sunshine on the Caribbean islands, ride horses in the green grasslands of Pampas, and experience the snow-covered mountains in the Andes. It even has the world’s biggest rainforest--the Amazon. Many of the world’s most unusual plants and animals live there.

                    The music and dance of Latin America is quite well-known. Latin American people have created the samba, rumba, chacha and tango. People often dance at parties. Latin dances are cheerful and can bring strangers together.

                    Latin America is an open and wonderful place. Its diverse environment and cultural traditions have made it a great place to visit.

                    1.The magic in Marquez’s books may come from ________ in Latin America.

                    A.natural environment B.the same language C.different cultures D.unusual plants

                    2.Most of people in Latin America speak ________.

                    A.French B.Spanish C.German D.English

                    3.The underlined word “diverse” in Paragraph 3 probably means “________ ”.

                    A.多样的 B.公平的 C.适当的 D.有益的

                    4.The ________ of Latin America can bring strangers together.

                    A.snow-covered mountains B.biggest rainforest

                    C.beautiful sunshine D.cheerful dances

                    5.This passage is probably taken from a ________.

                    A.book review B.grammar book C.travel magazine D.science report


                    ??? It is not always easy to discover yourself. From a young age, I had a strong sense of who I would become—but an accident changed everything.

                    To me, skating was more important than anything else in the world. Nothing else filled my heart with so much happiness. I spent 24 hours a week developing my skills. I had no social life or interests other than skating. But I got first place in nearly every competition.

                    Unluckily, during one competition last year, I fell and was badly hurt. The doctor told me that I couldn’t skate any more. The pain in my back was hard to bear and even basic daily tasks became difficult. My passion (激情) had been taken away. I lost heart and had no idea what I would become. After eight months of suffering, something had to change. Instead of sitting around and wasting my days, I began to work with local community service projects. By volunteering as a swimming teacher for kids, I got an idea of who I wanted to become. After a few months, I found a new interest. Little by little, I stepped out of the pain and rebuilt my confidence.

                    Sometimes, challenges (挑战) in life will get in our way. We can choose to stay behind or try to get past these challenges. My accident was a challenge that failed to stop me from reaching success.

                    1.At first the writer thought skating was the _________ in her life.

                    A.most important B.most painful C.least expensive D.least useful

                    2.The writer spent 24 hours a week _________.

                    A.getting past many challenges B.developing her skating skills

                    C.volunteering as a swimming teacher D.finishing some basic tasks

                    3.During one competition last year, the writer _________.

                    A.got the first place B.lost heart and confidence

                    C.fell and was badly hurt D.sat around and wasted time

                    4.The writer rebuilt her confidence by _________.

                    A.finding a new interest B.working with another coach

                    C.asking for help from others D.entering another competition


                    ??? Did ancient Chinese people have weekends or public holidays? The weekly calendar (日历) was invented in the West. In ancient China, there were no such things as weekends. But people did take days off in the past.

                    For example, during the Han Dynasty, officials (官员) took one day off every five days. When it came to Tang Dynasty, officials had to work for ten days before they could rest for one day. But this was still reasonable, because officials at the time shared their work together. They also enjoyed public holidays for Chinese New Year and the inter solstice (冬至), with both holidays lasting for seven days.

                    During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, officials had to work all year long, except for public holidays, including a full month at the end of the year to celebrate Spring Festival. They also took seven days off on the king’s birthday. On the Mid-Autumn and Dragon Boat festivals, they could rest for one day as well.

                    As people like businessmen and farmers, they usually worked most of the year. But even the poor workers would take a few days off during Spring Festival. There were also days on which people of all walks of life offered food to the spirits. For example, farmers would give offerings to tudigong twice a year. People usually took one day off for this.

                    1.According to the passage, the Westerners invented _________ in the past.

                    A.good spirits B.public holidays

                    C.inter solstice D.weekly calendar

                    2.Officials in Tang Dynasty took one day off every ten days because _________.

                    A.they shared the work together at the time B.there was much work to do then

                    C.they could get more holidays for New Year D.they had to work hard to make money

                    3.Officials during the Ming and Qing Dynasties could take seven days off on _________.

                    A.the Mid-Autumn Day B.the Dragon Boat festivals

                    C.the king’s birthday D.the Spring Festival

                    4.From the passage we can know that _________.

                    A.ancient Chinese people had more public holidays

                    B.farmers would give offerings to tudigong twice a year

                    C.businessmen weren’t allowed to offer food to the spirits

                    D.officials had to work all year long during the Han Dynasty


                    One of the most famous men has left us. Stan Lee passed away on Nov. 12 at the age of 95.

                    Lee is best known for being the man behind Marvel Comics. He was the company’s editor (编辑). Lee started his work in 1939. He led Marvel as it rose from a small company into a very big and famous one.

                    Of course, the heroes that Lee created made Marvel famous. He worked with several artists, such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, to create some famous superheroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and so on.

                    He was inspired (激励) to create these heroes in a number of ways. For example, for Iron Man, he planned to create a hero that nobody would like —but finally, most people like him. And for The Incredible Hulk, Lee’s artist friend Kirby said he was inspired by watching a man lift up a car to save a woman.

                    Lee never stopped working, even after leaving from Marvel. He appeared in many Marvel films. He often got a small part. In fact, he had already filmed some acts for the next Avengers film, which came out in 2019.

                    Lee’s heroes touched people over many years. The stories he wrote encouraged many people to find their own hobbies and pride. He was, in many ways, a real-life superhero.

                    1.From the passage we can know that Marvel Comics is a(n) _________.

                    A.artist B.company C.hero D.editor

                    2.For The Incredible Hulk, Lee was inspired by watching a man _________ to save a woman.

                    A.lift up a car B.jump into deep water C.lose his life D.create a hero

                    3.The stories Stan Lee wrote encouraged many people to _________.

                    A.start a new life in big countries B.get a small part in famous films

                    C.work with artists all over the world D.find their own hobbies and pride

                    4.Which of the following sentences about Stan Lee is TRUE?

                    A.He passed away at the age of 95 last month.

                    B.He chose to leave when Marvel became famous.

                    C.He filmed some acts for the next Avengers film.

                    D.He planned to create a hero people liked in Iron Man.




                    A. Why not make a cake?

                    B. What’s the date today?

                    C. Why don’t you play football?

                    D. What’s the matter?

                    E. What color is it?

                    F. It’s a day to show love and thanks to mothers.

                    G. I’ve bought a dress for Mom.

                    A: Hello, Tom. 1.

                    B: It’s March the eighth, Lucy. It’s Women’s Day.

                    A: You’re right. 2.

                    B: Oh, yes. Then how shall we celebrate this special day?

                    A: 3.

                    B: A dress? 4.

                    A: Blue. It’s Mom’s favorite color.

                    B: That’s a nice present. Er… What shall I do for Mom?

                    A: 5.

                    B: Good idea. Let’s start now.


                    ??? I’m very happy to introduce something about UK schools.

                    In recent years, many ________ from China come to the UK to attend school. Over 4,000 new students came in 2018 alone. Quite a few ________ to go to a UK university after attending British middle schools. It’s a wonderful ________ for them to improve their written and spoken English. They can also find out more about a different culture and ________ great teaching.

                    Studying in the UK will be a(n) ________ and enjoyable experience. Unlike China, Britain isn’t a large country. Its furthest mainland points are only 1,350 km. It’s ________ to see many great cities in a short time, such as London, Cambridge and Oxford. You are never more than 113 km from the sea and you can ________ Britain’s beautiful coastline.

                    Life for a student studying in the UK can be very exciting. Children start school at the age of 4. At 11, children go to middle school where they may study ten ________ including math, science, English, and history. And they also learn one or more languages. ________ is one of the most popular ones. That’s because most students prefer to go to France after leaving school.

                    Children do not just learn from books or a screen, but enjoy some ________ as part of their school day, such as soccer, basketball and so on. They can attend clubs after school.

                    1.A.workers B.students C.teachers D.scientists

                    2.A.decide B.happen C.forget D.hate

                    3.A.tool B.symbol C.research D.chance

                    4.A.offer B.copy C.experience D.practise

                    5.A.strange B.special C.common D.crazy

                    6.A.possible B.useful C.hard D.hopeless

                    7.A.draw B.enjoy C.break D.finish

                    8.A.skills B.levels C.subjects D.hobbies

                    9.A.Chinese B.German C.Japanese D.French

                    10.A.experiments B.movies C.sports D.magazines


                    ??? Rebecca is a wildlife camerawoman from the UK. She was filming a documentary (纪录片) for the BBC in the Pacific Ocean when she saw something that made her ________: hundreds of dead birds. They died because they accidentally ate some of the ________ that is thrown into the sea each year. The beaches on the Pacific islands should have been some of the most ________ places in the world. But they were covered with plastic bottles, pens--every plastic thing you can think of. Because of this, the ________ were becoming dirtier and dirtier.

                    Plastic bags were used everywhere in Britain. Britain used nearly 17 billion plastic bags each year. And the ________ can take hundreds of years to break down. Each year, the sea and the environment became more and more ________.

                    Rebecca decided she had to do something. In her hometown Modbury, she asked local shopkeepers if they could do something to help. She asked them to ________ using plastic bags in their shops.

                    To Rebecca’s surprise, the shopkeepers ________ and Modbury became the first plastic bag-free town in Britain.________, shoppers offered reusable bags. Other towns followed Mobury’s example and more________ around Britain, such as London, Cambridge are becoming plastic bag-free.

                    Now the “bag for life” is part of the national culture. And since October 2015, all shoppers must pay money for each plastic bag, no matter how much their spending is! It’s not enough, but it’s a start.

                    1.A.move B.cry C.smile D.dream

                    2.A.corn B.rice C.plastic D.rubber

                    3.A.beautiful B.changeable C.difficult D.boring

                    4.A.crops B.scissors C.windows D.beaches

                    5.A.mails B.bowls C.dishes D.bags

                    6.A.polluted B.enjoyable C.relaxing D.magical

                    7.A.continue B.stop C.consider D.remember

                    8.A.refused B.explained C.agreed D.separated

                    9.A.Instead B.However C.Unluckily D.Anyway

                    10.A.villages B.towns C.cities D.countries


                    Jack always keeps on working for a long time without a break.

                    Too bad! We should give more attention to proper exercise and enough sleep. ________, health comes first.

                    A.After all B.At last C.For example D.At first


                    —Can we walk across the road now?

                    —No, we ?????? . We have to wait until the light turns green.

                    A.couldn’t B.needn’t C.shouldn’t D.mustn’t


                    ________ will we get the offer from a new high school?

                    In about two months.

                    A.How long B.How soon C.How often D.How far


                    Your dress is so nice. Could you tell me ________?

                    Of course. At the shop near my home.

                    A.when you found it B.how you paid for it

                    C.where you bought it D.what you liked best


                    I don’t like the movie Totoro. I think it’s out of date.

                    ________. Although it may be old, I still think it’s an amazing story.

                    A.Sorry, I don’t agree B.So do I C.Face the truth D.Here we go


                    I saw the light of your room was still on at two o’clock last night.

                    Oh, I ________ a football match of the Russian World Cup.

                    A.watched B.have watched C.will watch D.was watching


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